News: 31-Legged Race Executed with Fascist Precision

31-Legged Race Executed with Fascist Precision

30 Japanese schoolchildren, leg-to-leg. And they're good. Really good. What was I doing at that age, in the neon-lit elementary school gymnasium? Square dancing. Sweaty-palmed square dancing.

Highly advanced multiple leg racing: it's a skill I never knew I wished I had.

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Hmm, creepy looking.

This reminds me of that "High precision floor walking routine" scene done by a japanese high school club... although all I can think of is... if one kid falls... do they all?

Me too. And face-planted given the fact that my arms would be behind the backs of the kids next to me. It's very telling that the only way to stop this is to have all the kids smash into a massive foam barricade. The most interesting thing to me is seeing all the parents at the end of the video applauding. They really see this as something of an accomplishment.

I wonder when they figured out they needed the pad

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